Ready to release stress, tension and old patterns of belief and ways that do not serve you in your life?

My name is Ilene and I welcome you to explore your truths in your body, mind and spirit I invite you to join me in a highly therapeutic, hands on healing session that will reveal to you areas in your body and life that need attention.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Ilene Morrison Chakra Healing CHakra Balancing Energy Healer

Hands on Healing Massage Therapy

An intuitive approach is always involved in my hands on healing body massage. I listen to my clients needs, and then I listen to the body and feel the person’s energy. So if your ready to hear what the body has to say to you and experience a truly releasing and relaxing:

  • Hot Stone Body Massage,
  • Raindrop Therapy Treatment,
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage or
  • Ionic Detox Foot Bath, click here now.

Chakra Reading, Healing & Balancing

Through a Chakra reading we can recognize  issues that I can see residing in each of the Chakras. These unresolved issues cause  weakness in these energy centers as well as out right blockages.  This in turn can result in emotional, spiritual and physical problems. A reading, healing & balancing treatment can help you more fully understand what’s holding you back and then provide a means to  perceive and experience life in a whole new positive light. Click here for more about a Chakra Balancing Treatment.

Certified Theta Healer LA, Ilene Morrison Nutritional Response Muscle Testing & Applied Kinesiology


ThetaHealing® is a transformational healing energy technique that can heal patients physically, emotionally and spiritually. By accessing the theta brain wave the practitioner can find out on what level we are holding beliefs that are causing illness or blocking us from Love, success or even self acceptance. If you are ready to transform and heal from limiting beliefs click here now.

Nutritional Response Testing

Nutritional Response Testing (also known as applied kinesiology or manual muscle testing) is a technique used in alternative medicine to detect illness or possibly detrimental conditions in the organs of the body or the body in general. If you need to hear what the body is trying to tell you schedule an appointment with me today or click here now for more.

About Ilene

Ilene MorrisonLicensed Mssage Therapist Certified Theta HealerIlene Morrison is an all-encompassing wellness & hands on healing practitioner of 14 years. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a certified Theta Healer, and certified in Nutritional Response Testing  a.k.a. manual muscle testing.

Ilene is a gifted spiritual holistic guide providing energy healing work  with healing modalities like Theta-Healing  that offer emotional, spiritual and physical support.  She incorporates Nutritional Response Testing,  Massage Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Healing Energy work into her clients’ experience for overall wellness and a broader, more informed view of each client’s condition.

Ilene provides healing body massage and Theta Healing to clients in the San Fernando Valley communities of Calabasas, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Studio City, and  Los Angeles, California.

For a Hands on Healing appointment, or Remote Theta Healing or Chakra Balancing Session please call Ilene today in California  at:


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"Ilene is truly amazing. I will never go to another massage therapist again...Working with Ilene is way more than a massage. It’s an experience that you can’t really put into words. " more...
"Ilene has helped me change my life in so many amazing and wonderful ways. She has given me the tools to unlock the doors to what I truly wanted..." more...