Ready to release stress, tension and old patterns of belief and ways that do not serve you in your life?

My name is Ilene Morrison and I welcome you to explore your truths in your body, mind and spirit I invite you to join me in a highly therapeutic, energy healing session, incorporating the modality of ThetaHealing™ that will reveal to you areas in your body and life that need attention.

Love, relationships and family life

Love, Relationships & Family

Are you struggling in romantic relationships and find yourself attracting the same “type” of person that doesn’t serve you?

Or maybe you continually find yourself in disharmonious situations with, family co-workers or friends?

Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on in your energy field and get to the root cause of these situations and see if we can clean them up for you!

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Career Business Financial well being and life's purpose

Business, Career, Life Purpose & Finances

Are you fulfilled by your life’s work and earning what you deserve?

Or are you repeating old patterns in your work and financial life that leave you unhappy, frustrated and resentful?

Let’s take a deep dive into this area of your life and unravel what core beliefs or old (resolvable) karmic patterns may be creating roadblocks for you.

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Health and well being

Health and Well Being

How’s your health these days?

Are you experiencing pain somewhere in the body and are too afraid to see a doctor?

Let’s take a look at your energy body and see what chronic thoughts and beliefs are creating the condition and see what patterns need to change to heal.

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What Areas in Your Life Do You Know Need Clarity and a Boost?

You’d be surprised by what my ability to read your energy field would uncover… from unresolved current life issues to past life issues and karmic propensities you can clear now, let’s find out what’s in the way and playing like an old record that just needs to end!  

Check out my energy healing modalities below.


ThetaHealing® is a transformational energy healing technique that can heal patients physically, emotionally and spiritually. By accessing the theta brain wave the practitioner can find out on what level we are holding beliefs that are causing illness or blocking us from Love, success or even self acceptance. If you are ready to transform and heal from limiting beliefs click here now.

Chakra Reading, Healing & Balancing

Through a Chakra reading we can recognize  issues that I can see residing in each of the Chakras. These unresolved issues cause  weakness in these energy centers as well as out right blockages.  This in turn can result in emotional, spiritual and physical problems. A reading, healing & balancing treatment can help you more fully understand what’s holding you back and then provide a means to  perceive and experience life in a whole new positive light. Click here for more about a Chakra Balancing Treatment.

Is It Time to Make a Serious Change?

Maybe your life situation has become intolerable or heading in that direction.

And maybe you’re ready to step into courage and take  a serious look at your life and see what you’ve created so far and will continue to create if you don’t make a change?

Then my VIP Day may be “just what the doctor” ordered! See below.

A Day Like No Other!

This powerful day long intensive is intended to dive deep into issues that are holding you back from experiencing the depth of love, joy and full expression in any area of your life that may still may be eluding you.

Come away with empowering strategies to ignite and learn to trust your own powerful intuition.

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Intuitive Discovery day with Ilene Morrison

Ilene Morrison Certifed Theta Healer & Massage TherapistIlene Morrison is an all-encompassing wellness & hands on energy healing practitioner of 14 years. She is a certified Theta Healer, and certified in Nutritional Response Testing  a.k.a. manual muscle testing.

Ilene is a gifted spiritual holistic guide providing energy healing work  with healing modalities like ThetaHealing®  that offer emotional, spiritual and physical support.  She incorporates Nutritional Response Testing,  Chakra Balancing and Healing Energy work into her clients’ experience for overall wellness and a broader, more informed view of each client’s condition.

Ilene provides intuitive energy healing via the modality of Theta Healing to clients in the San Fernando Valley communities of Calabasas, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Studio City, and  Los Angeles, California.

Ilene recently relocated to Malibu, CA and is now available for ThetaHealing® and intuitive energy work with individuals in the surrounding communities of  Thousand Oaks,  Ventura and Santa Monica, California

For a  Remote Intuitive Theta Healing or Chakra Balancing Session please call Ilene today in California  at:


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July 2024
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