So Thrilled to offer a Life changing Thetahealing Workshop September 15th 16th and 17th! For this three day workshop appreciation exchange $500.00 including a $100 registration deposit required Includes Thetahealing book practitioners manual and Thetahealing Practitoner’s Certificate. You can experience transformation in all aspects off your life. Thetahealing is a modality that can be used in your  everyday life with ease and joy. Please e-mail with and questions or interest Much joy Ilene

My dear lovelies,
I am thrilled to announce a very special 3-Day Theta Healing Workshop coming up next month! I am offering a free introductory class, prior to the workshop, so you can see the possibilities that Theta can create in your life. The introduction to Theta Healing will be offered Sunday, December 4th, from 2pm ~ 5pm.
I would love it if you would join me and experience the amazing healing benefits of this beautiful healing modality. We will be working on beliefs associated with money, health, and relationships. Most important of all, we will work on improving your relationship with yourself. Theta Healing frequently has miraculous and instant results, and I welcome you to join us and experience it for yourself.
Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know if you are able to come (space is limited so it is important to RSVP).
Much love and joy,

Manual Muscle Testing & Applied Kinesiology

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In my mind’s eye, this is a great time of change. Physical, spiritual, emotional change. There are many tools and teachings to aid in this transformation so we do not feel disconnected to our bodies.
In my twenty years of being in the healing arts, I have found many powerful and various styles and techniques that can shift energy and bring balance and “miraculous” healing experiences.
Please come back and check in with my blog, because I will be sharing my knowledge, my channeled messages, videos of healing experiences, and I will teaching you how to apply these techniques to manifest your own healing.
Much love and gratitude,

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June 2024


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