Intuitive Discovery day with Ilene Morrison

A VIP Intuitive Discovery Day with Quantum Theta Healer, Ilene Morrison

This powerful day long intensive is intended to dive deep into issues that are holding you back from experiencing the depth of love, joy and full expression in your life that may be eluding you.

You will also come away with empowering strategies to ignite and learnt to trust your own powerful intuition.

Let’s find out what’s in the way!

Here’s what to expect:

First we’ll determine which part of your Wheel of Life needs your most attention which may include any of the following:

  1. Love & Relationships
  2. Family & Friends
  3. Health
  4. Business, Career, Meaningul Life’s Purpose
  5. Financial Well Being
  6. Personal & Spiritual Growth
  7. Travel, Fun & Recreation
  8. Home & Personal Environment

Next we’ll cover the hidden core beliefs and unconscious thought patterns that may be sabotaging you at every turn! (I guarantee you will be surprised at what’s still running deep out of your awareness….every client is unabashedly surprised at what I uncover.)

We’ll get a clearer picture on your overall energetic blueprint so we can consciously rework, clear and redirect your intentions for more harmonious and aligned vibrations within your being.  I’ll help you with divinely supported energetic downloads to create a new energetic blueprint to guide you.

Finally we’ll work on developing a strategy to empower you with techniques and exercises for strengthening and developing your intuition and learning how to trust your intuition.  

Now is the time for you to discover and experience your true intuitive gifts. In discovering this, you will lead yourself to find your true soul purpose! 

Introducing….your very own Intuitive Discovery day with Ilene includes:

5 hours of life enhancing information and techniques to access your intuitive and psychic centers. You choose your most important subjects and interests to enhance your abilities,  then we work one on one! 

You will:

  • Testimonial for Theta healer PractitionerDiscover how to know the difference between your mind messages and divine messages. 
  • Understand how to connect to a higher vibration to access communication with source, angels, guides and masters to receive clear messages. 
  • Learn to trust in yourself and in the divine to guide you in your everyday life.
  • Find out what your intuitive interests are… Is it animal communication…? Is it mediumship… Is it Angel Communication…? 
  • Learn the art of manifesting and how to ask the universe for guidance and to receive it in your everyday life!

All things are possible, especially as we clear the way for you to Trust.

You will find that Angels and Guides offer valuable messages for you everyday… Past loved ones may be trying to connect with you…

Would you like to know how to hear those messages? There is so much more to life than what most people experience.

Take charge in the knowing!

Be interactive in knowing whats happening energetically around you every day.

Because it affects you everyday!

This opportunity includes instruction in the following topics (based on your passions and interest.)

Health and well being

Discover How To…

  • Receive healings,
  • Receive balance,
  • Communicate with ancestors,
  • Communicate with animals, Communication  with Angels & Spirit Guides,
  • Address past lives and
  • Look into what your future is holding,
  • Manifesting and
  • Cleansing land and houses of undesired energy or spirits.

This program is customized to your abilities and interests, and your individual way of learning based on your unique soul blueprint!

This enlightening and immersive program includes lunch with Ilene as the guidance continues and you enjoy a lovely meal… Ilene’s gift!

Five hours of intuitive discovery including lunch all for $950.

VIP 1 Day Pricing: $950
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July 2024
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